LTA investigating patrol warden who nearly got hit by oncoming car at Raffles Link

A Land Transport Authority (LTA) patrol warden was caught on video almost turning into the wrong lane at Raffles Link and coming close to running into an oncoming car on Nov 18.

The video was posted on Facebook by Patrick Tan who slammed the rider's actions.

It showed the warden miss the turn into the correct lane at Raffles Link and quickly turning back to the main road once he saw a car coming towards him.

In response to Stomp's media queries, an LTA spokesman said that they are aware of the incident and that "investigations into the facts of the case are ongoing".

"Our patrol wardens are briefed regularly on the need to ride safely and observe all traffic rules and regulations when carrying out their duties. Wardens who fail to comply with our traffic rules and regulations will face disciplinary action," the spokesman said.