Vehicles slow down to pass large group of cyclists at Jalan Anak Bukit Flyover: 'Fine them all'

Submitted by Stomper Jaspreet

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A large group of cyclists were spotted on the Jalan Anak Bukit Flyover on Nov 4 at 8.40am.

Stomper Jaspreet shared a video with Stomp showing at least 15 cyclists.

Vehicles are seen cautiously slowing down to pass the cyclists.

"I felt they were inconsiderate and that they don't obey the law which has been introduced," the Stomper said.

"The relevant authorities should set up traps in that area on Saturday morning and fine them all."

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), cyclists must keep to a maximum length of five bicycles when riding in groups, which means a maximum of five cyclists if riding in single file, or 10 cyclists if riding two abreast.

Cyclists are also encouraged to maintain a minimum distance of 30 metres or two lamp posts between groups when cycling in groups.

In July, a total of 26 cyclists were fined for breaching the rule on cycling group size during an enforcement operation by the Traffic Police (TP) and LTA.

A fine of $150 is meted out for road cyclists who flout the rule on group size, which limits cyclists to a group of 10 in two rows, or five if riding in a single file.

This fine is also issued to cyclists who beat red lights, ride on expressways or ride abreast of another cyclist along single-lane roads and bus lanes during bus lane operational hours.