Used bed bought from Carousell in January has yet to arrive: Buyer is called 'bodoh' when he asks why

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He had been sleeping on a sofa while waiting for the bed.

A man bought a "lightly used" queen-size bed on Carousell in January and it has yet to be delivered after more than five months.

When the Stomper tried to out why it was taking so long, he was called "bodoh" ("stupid" in Malay).

"It’s my worst experience with this seller on Carousell," said the Stomper.

"They are constantly making up stories and excuses despite saying they are still planning. Their stories are inconsistent and don’t add up. When questioned, they challenged you."

Carousell told Stomp that the seller @blackphoenixmovers has since been suspended.

The Stomper shared a timeline of what happened:

Jan 20
"I bought a queen bed from this Carouseller, a mover and delivery business, and confirmed delivery two weeks later on Feb 1."

Feb 1
"In anticipation of the delivery, I disposed of my old bed, cleared the room and took leave. I had to call them when they didn’t arrive, and they said they were delayed at another location.

"Two hours later, they called me and told me that they could not deliver because they were missing the screws!

"Then they told me that it would be a week or so for the screws to arrive and they would then contact me to arrange delivery. They would also give me a discount of $50 because of this inconvenience."

Feb 6 and 17
"No news from them at all. I had to contact them, and they told me to call another number. I called and one guy said he would arrange delivery for the next week, but he never did.

"The second time called, another guy answered and said he was the delivery guy and could not help. Then another guy claimed that one worker passed away while working. So they were short-handed. Also, he claimed the warranty card was with the deceased.

"I told him I had been uncomfortably sleeping on the sofa, and the most important thing was to deliver the mattress first. The warranty card could be sent to me later. They said they would plan."

Feb 22
"No reply from them as usual and so chatted with them again. I questioned why they were bumping up their ads and adding new listings, and delivering items that were sold later and not mine. I received a rude response from them as seen in the chat. He said he would plan and get back to me with the delivery date, but never did."

March 2
"I asked about the delivery date since they had been planning for weeks. They told me to refrain from chatting on Carousell! They informed me that the bed had been passed to the 'transporter' side."

March 6
"No one contacted me, not even the 'transporter'. They now claimed that the bed had been released a long time ago. They also outsourced their delivery and told me to deal directly with the 'transporter' (which was one and the same because of the same hotline number) as it was no longer their responsibility.

"I called the 'transporter' and asked him why a queen bed was taking so long to deliver? He became irritated and confirmed the bed and screws were with them, and he would plan the delivery. He chided me that he had more than '200 deliveries' and I had to wait my turn!

"And he hung up abruptly, but not before calling me 'bodoh'. Then he followed up with text messages as seen in the chat."

March 17
"I made a PayNow payment, which they accepted and said will push them.

May 2
"No news at all! I contacted them and they said they forgot! And they would plan again

"They were unapologetic about it. I was already tired of them making up stories and excuses, so I gave them a deadline to deliver, May 19. I warned them I would report them as fraud if no delivery was done.

"Again, instead of focusing on arranging the delivery, they wanted to engage me in their ridiculous pointless arguments, claiming I was threatening their rice bowl – 'a father feeding his family', et cetera. Of course, I didn’t bother and waited for their update and delivery."

May 19
"No updates or delivery despite their claims that they were planning."

June 4
"No news as expected. No bed delivered and they still have my money. They clearly have no intention to deliver AND do not have the bed at all."

"Even a refund is not enough to compensate for the time lost, and unquantifiable anguish one had to suffer.

"I have reported this seller to Carousell, and will report to the police if they do not refund my money."

In response to a Stomp query, a Carousell spokesman said: "The user @blackphoenixmovers had already been suspended by Carousell after failure to work with our team to resolve multiple pending transactions.

"Buyers are strongly encouraged to pay through our on-platform payment system via the ‘Buy’ button for escrow protection. For transactions paid through the ‘Buy’ button, we will hold payments in escrow till the buyer confirms that they have received the item.

"If the buyer receives the item that significantly differs from what was described (for example, if they are damaged or faulty), we will assist and facilitate a return and/or refund. Likewise, if sellers have proof of shipping an item as described, but buyer claims otherwise, Carousell will help to reach out to the respective users and take the appropriate follow-up action.

"To ensure a safe transaction, we encourage users to keep their conversations on the app as we have systems in place that can help to detect fraudulent behaviour. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious listings and users to us via the ‘Report Listing’ and ‘Report User’ feature that's available on both the web and the app.

"Our team will review these reports within 24 hours from when it's being reported."