Carousell seller goes MIA after buyer asks for refund upon finding out $1,260 YSL bag is fake

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Carousell user was disappointed when a seller went MIA after being confronted for selling her a fake Saint Laurent bag.

A Stomper told Stomp that she recently purchased the bag from seller @af.lusson for $1,260.

"I thought she was a legit seller who only sells authentic luxury bags because of her positive reviews," she said.

"Therefore, I chose to trust and buy from her.

"It did not quite raise the alarm when she refused to exchange contact details for meet up and only accepted cash payment as I understand some people are uncomfortable."

The Stomper told Stomp this was the first time she has ever bought a luxury bag via Carousell so out of curiosity, she decided to get the bag authenticated.

She reached out to Loveholic for their Entrupy authentication service.

She said: "To my surprise, it was inauthentic!"

"How did the seller get so many positive reviews when her bags are inauthentic?!

"I guess many people are blinded by the service provided by sellers.

"So, after I got the result of authentication, the seller did not respond to my messages on Carousell anymore.

"I am sharing this with Stomp to create awareness of shopping for luxury bags on Carousell, especially with such scams going around.

"It was definitely a lesson learnt for things that are too good to be true."


The Stomper shared that after this Stomp report, the seller changed her username to @sacs.classiques.

"She usually meets people in Queenstown," she said.

"I'm not sure if she will change the location."