'Like new' children's bed frame with mattress from Carousell turns out to be mouldy and pee-stained

Submitted by Stomper Estee

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She described it as a "foul nightmare".

A woman bought from Carousell last week a "like new" $100 Ikea children's bed frame with a mattress that turned out to be mouldy with urine stains.

Stomper Estee explained that she usually buys items that are "brand new" or "like new".

"'Like new' items are often unused, or rarely used, and just need a proper wipe down," said the Stomper.

"I bought a bed frame and mattress listed as 'like new' from the seller. The mattress was supposed to be 'child-safe'.

"But to be sure, I double-checked with him that there were 'no stains and no potty accidents' on the bed. And he said no.

"So I made payment and arranged for movers. Then he said, 'There is a bit of stain, you okay?'"

The Stomper added that the seller did not send a photo.

"I was thinking, I couldn’t back out since I had already paid. Movers were reaching him and a bit of stain should be okay," she recounted.

"When the items arrived, it was a foul nightmare. The mattress was mouldy and stained with pee.

"The bed frame had scuff marks, stickers and such, which was okay since it was only aesthetics. But the wood was smelling like pee! The pee must have seeped through the mattress to the planks.

"I texted the seller to tell him that it was not nice of him to list items as 'like new' and send pee-stained items over. He denied there was pee, then changed his statement and said the pee could have been caused by myself or movers on the way here.

"So I offered to send it back to him to get a refund and I will absorb the cost of movers. Till now, I have heard nothing from this man."

In response to a Stomp query, the seller refuted the Stomper's last claim.

"Heard nothing from me till now? I have tried to resolve this with the buyer," he said.

"I was willing to self-collect the item and give a full refund to her. But she refused and said I should refund her first before she returns the item back to us.

"I even offered to let her put the items outside her home. Once I collect them, I'll refund her. If I don't refund her, she can report me to the police."

The Stomper explained why she refused the seller's offer: "I was not willing to allow him to self-collect the item as I did not want him to know my address.

"After sending me the foul nightmare, he wasn’t the least bit ashamed or apologetic. He even wanted me to apologise and he will give me a $20 discount.

"Anyone with eyes can see that is dirty. But he insisted no smell and asked me to apologise."