Upstairs neighbour throws down chained padlock, cracking Stomper's window in middle of night

Submitted by Stomper Polo T

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He has been living with it for over six years.

Stomper Polo T said that since a new family moved into the flat above his at Block 289D Punggol Place in 2017, someone has been throwing down water and plastic bags containing coffee or white paint.

A turning point came in the wee hours of Oct 27 last year.

"At around 1am, we heard the loud smashing sound of a heavy metal padlock against the window pane of the common bedroom," said the Stomper.

"Based on previous observations, we anticipated that the person in the unit above would fling the heavy metal padlock against the master bedroom window pane too.

"Shortly after, my wife and I heard the sound of the master bedroom window frame opening in the unit above as it was very quiet. We quickly turned on the handphone camera and started the recording."

Sharing a video of the incident, the Stomper said: "The suspect from the unit above flung the large metal padlock down several times.

"The impact resulted in a deep crack in the middle window pane, which may cause it to shatter at any time. We informed the Punggol town council immediately and the area below was cordoned off. 

"While I was trying to stop more window panes from being smashed, my left palm was injured by the smashing force of the heavy metal padlock.

"We informed the police and three officers arrived at around 3am. They went to the unit above, but the neighbour did not open the door.

"This is clearly an intended dangerous act with a clear motive to cause damage and injury.

"Would any normal person possess a large and heavy metal padlock attached to a chain of properly calculated length?"

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

The Stomper said: "Despite multiple police reports being filed and magistrate complaints filed, the investigation outcome is that no culprits are identified."

He added that he has also contacted the town council, his MP and the Law Minister to no avail.