Woman hacks at plants with chopper and throws them down from second floor of Bukit Panjang HDB block

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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A Bukit Panjang resident was alarmed when he saw one of his neighbours using a chopper to hack away at plants and throwing some of them from the second floor of Block 127 Pending Road.

Stomper Raven told Stomp that he was alerted to the incident after hearing a loud 'tok tok tok' sound coming from outside his home on June 16 between 4.55 to 5.10pm.

In a video shared by the Stomper, the woman is seen hacking away at some plants. At one point, she tosses a cutting down to the ground from the second floor.

Raven expressed concern about her use of the chopper.

"She was chopping a plant without due care or consideration about other members of the public along a corridor meant for people to walk along," he said.

"She was dangerously swinging part of a plant from the corridor back and forth and letting it fall to the ground.

"Luckily no one was below at the time.

"It was a weekday and a potential killer litter.

"It could have endangered the public and children as there are teachers with groups of pre-school pupils walking in the neighbourhood from a kindergarten nearby."

Raven added that he has no issue with the woman tending to her plants but feels that she needs to get 'proper tools and equipment'.

"The chopper may give way or fall off and hurt someone if she is unlucky or not careful enough."

When he talked to his neighbour she told him that she was chopping off the dead plants.

"I wanted to tell her she was endangering others by doing it but she ignored me and continued to chop the plants."

Raven said he has alerted the relevant authorities regarding the incident.