Uncle takes wallet of customer who left it behind at Hougang Central food stall

Submitted by Stomper Alex

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Stomper Alex is looking for the man who took his wallet, which he had accidentally left behind at a food stall at Hougang Central on Aug 27.

Alex had been queuing up to buy food at Asam Tree in Kang Kar Mall when he left his wallet on the counter.

He walked away and only realised it was missing 10 minutes later.

When he returned to the stall and the staff did not have it, he requested to see the surveillance footage.

The stall's manager passed him a recording showing the uncle who had taken his wallet.

The man was two spots behind Alex in the queue.

When he approached the counter, he went about ordering his food and then quickly grabbed the wallet before leaving the stall.

The stall's staff informed Alex that the man never came back to hand it over.

According to Alex, his black Pedro wallet contains about $300 cash, credit cards, his work permit, photos, name cards and some foreign currency.

However, Alex is more concerned about getting his work permit back as it would cost $100 to replace.

"You can take the cash but please return me my work permit," said Alex.

Alex has since made a police report and hopes that the man will hand over the wallet to a police station.