Woman takes skirt from Bugis Street store and leaves without paying

Submitted by Stomper Daniu

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Stomper Daniu is looking for a young woman who took a skirt from his store at Bugis Street on Aug 11 at around 9.20pm.

"She took the short skirt from the rack and looked around to check before taking it away without paying," said the Stomper.

Daniu shared surveillance footage with Stomp showing the woman entering the store to look at the clothes.

She reaches for a short black skirt and steps back to look around.

After a few minutes, she walks out of the store still holding on to the skirt.

Another shopper notices what she has done and points her out to one of the staff.

"I hope that she comes back to return or pay for the skirt," said Daniu.

"I also want to warn other shopkeepers about her."

Watch the video below.