Uncle shows how good he is at multitasking by using phone and driving at the same time

Multi-tasking is a good skill to have -- provided you use it for the right reasons.

One uncle decided to show how competent he was at doing two things at once by using his mobile phone while driving.

In a video of what happened posted on Facebook page Fabrications About The PAP, the driver of a silver car can be seen holding his phone towards his ear with his right hand while grasping the steering wheel with his left.

The dashcam footage was then fast-forwarded. In the later part of the video, the motorist was still talking on his phone as he was driving.

Towards the end of the clip, he sped up and disappeared from the frame of the video.

The timestamp of the recording indicated that it was taken on Oct 10 at 4.45pm.

According to the Singapore Police Force, for the offence of handphone driving to stand, all the following three conditions must be fulfilled:

1) the vehicle is in motion; and
2) the driver is holding on to the handphone with one hand; and 
3) the driver is communicating with any person with that handphone.

Congratulations, uncle, it seems like you have met all three requirements.