Just to clarify, this is NOT an offence

A photo has been circulating online of a Traffic Police officer using her phone at a traffic light.

Several Stompers have sent in the photo, thinking that the officer is committing an offence.

However, Stomp wants to clarify that this is NOT considered handphone driving.

According to the Singapore Police Force, for the offence of handphone driving to stand, ALL the following three conditions must be fulfilled:

1) the vehicle is in motion; and
2) the driver is holding on to the handphone with one hand; and 
3) the driver is communicating with any person with that handphone.

If only one or two of the conditions are fulfilled, it is not an offence.

In the photo, the officer's vehicle is not in motion.

A police spokesperson referred Stomp to a dialogue session organised by the Traffic Police explaining the offence of handphone driving.

Watch the video below.