Uncle engrossed in watching obscene video on laptop at Marine Parade coffee shop

Submitted by Stomper Evelyn

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An elderly man was spotted watching a pornographic video at a coffee shop in Marine Parade despite the presence of other patrons and passers-by.

Stomper Evelyn was passing by the coffee shop at Block 80 Marine Parade Central last Thursday (Oct 15), at around 10pm, when she noticed the man.

She said: "My friend and I happened to walk past. We glanced at his laptop screen and realised that it was porn.

"He was watching it through a laptop together with another man, which I didn't manage to capture on camera.

"We had actually walked away already, but decided to go back and take a picture of the man.

"We ended up staying there until he left. He was watching it for a good 20 minutes after we first realised what he was doing!"

Asked how she felt about the incident, Evelyn told Stomp: "It's very disturbing and disgusting. He was watching it in public, where there were many people passing by, including kids."