Uncle watches lewd videos at 'max volume' until 3am at Circuit Road

Submitted by Stomper IceCreamLah

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An old man watching lewd videos at high volume kept resident awake at Circuit Road on Wednesday night (July 1).

Stomper IceCreamLah told Stomp he heard the voice of a woman "moaning loudly" from outside his home at about 11pm.

"I went out and could not see anybody except an old man standing at the ground floor, staring at his mobile phone for a long time," he said.

"Then I noticed he was watching porn at max volume."

The Stomper shared videos of the man watching his videos but Stomp will not be uploading the videos due to their suggestive nature.

IceCreamLah said he ignored the man and returned to his home but heard the same noises again after midnight.

"My bedroom window faces the public bench and I could still hear the video even with the window closed."

He added this is not the first time he has seen the same man.

"He has a habit of roaming around the estate with his music turned up to the loudest volume from as early as 4 to 5am," he said.

"However this was the first time I've seen him watching porn.

"He was enjoying his videos so much that he was watching them until past 3am," he said.

"It was very inconsiderate to do this in public and causing noise pollution in the middle of the night."

He told Stomp he alerted the authorities to the matter.

"I know entertainment in Geylang is closed and you are bored, but please go home and enjoy the video yourself."