Woman 'traumatised' by man who performed lewd act and watched pornographic film on bus

Submitted by Stomper A

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A man was seen performing a lewd act while watching a pornographic video on a bus on Wednesday afternoon (Oct 7).

Stomper A said she boarded bus service 72B at the same bus stop as the man at around 12.30pm.

She recounted: "We boarded at the same stop, then I took my seat first and he sat in front of me. I don't know if he did it purposely because the bus was very empty.

"The moment he sat down, he started watching porn in front of me and then changed seats and performed a lewd act.

"I feel very disgusted and a bit traumatised."

A said she did not inform anyone of the incident and is unsure of what happened aftewards as she alighted from the bus before the man.

Stomp will not be uploading the videos due to the obscene content.