'Truckloads of Gurkhas' and police search Hume Avenue for 'object in drain'

Submitted by Stomper Thng

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Numerous Gurkhas and police officers were spotted along Hume Avenue after they were alerted to a report about an object in a drain on Thursday (May 25).

Stomper Thng passed by the scene at around 11.25am and shared videos of the incident.

Thng said: "I saw a large team of police with two truckloads of Gurkhas conducting what seems to be an operation at the new railway corridor linked to Hume Avenue".

According to the Stomper, the authorities were still "searching" the scene at about 12.30pm.

Stomp understands that the police had been alerted to a report of an object in the drain. However, nothing suspicious or amiss was found.

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