69-year-old man arrested for causing public alarm after leaving white substance at Woodleigh MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Maverick

Update at 7pm: A 69-year-old man was arrested for causing public alarm after leaving baking flour at Woodleigh MRT Station.

The Police said in a Facebook post that they have arrested a 69-year-old man for an offence of Public Nuisance under the Penal Code after he left suspicious white substance at Woodleigh MRT station, triggering a temporary closure of the MRT station for about three hours.

Here is the post in full:

"On 18 April 2017 at about 1.00pm, the Police were alerted to a case of suspicious white substance found at Woodleigh MRT station.

"Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) HazMat officers subsequently established the substance to be baking flour.

"Police investigations are ongoing.

"The Police treat all security threats seriously and will not hesitate to take action against anyone who cause public alarm.

"The Police would also like to remind the public to report any suspicious items or behaviour to the transport authorities or the Police immediately.

Update at 4.30pm:

The suspicious substance found at Woodleigh MRT Station at around 2.15pm today (Apr 18) turned out to be baking flour.

Nonetheless, good job to the authorities for being vigilant and leaving nothing to chance.

Said the Police on their Facebook page:

"SCDF has established that the substance is baking flour.

"Woodleigh MRT Station has resumed services at 4.20pm."

Original story:

Stompers Maverick and Gary said Woodleigh MRT Station was shut down after a security incident at about 2.15pm today (Apr 18).

Maverick saw advisory warnings asking commuters to take the free bus service as trains would be skipping stopping at Woodleigh MRT station.

Gary saw SCDF's HAZMAT officers near the entrance of the station, and said a white substance was found there.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) posted on its Facebook page that the train station was shut down for a security incident.

It stated that a suspicious substance had been found there, and that the SPF and SCDF were managing the incident.

"Members of the public are advised not to speculate on the incident. More updates will be provided when available," said SPF.

The police also said that SCDF's HAZMAT officers had arrived the scene as well.

Netizens also shared photos of the incident on social media.