Police alerted to 'suspicious money bag' at Sengkang carpark -- that turns out to be pillow

A dubious-looking 'money bag' was spotted at a carpark in Sengkang on Sunday night (May 20), prompting a member of the public to call the police.

However, the incident turned out to be a false alarm when it was established that the item was in fact a pillow that someone had thrown away.

This occurred in a multi-storey carpark at Block 297 Compassvale Street at around 10pm.

According to Shin Min Daily News, a passer-by who was in the area for a family visit had seen the bag-like object with a "$" symbol printed on it.

"I was worried that there might be something wrong with this 'money bag', and someone at the scene decided to call the police, just in case," said the passer-by.

When reporters arrived at the scene, they saw that the 'bag' was still there, next to a lift.

Residents who were passing by also stopped to snap pictures, before leaving hurriedly.

A police car subsequently arrived and a female officer put on gloves to handle the 'bag', before confirming it to be an abandoned pillow.

The pillow appears to be a $29.90 Money Bags Cushion by local retail label Meykrs, reported The Straits Times.

The 40cm by 24cm cushion is made with "soft plush with polyester balls" and has a description that states: "Always wanted a bag full of money? We've got the next best thing."