Train fault on North East Line leaves passengers stuck for 10 min at Sengkang MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Lily

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Stomper Lily was stuck in a train at Sengkang MRT Station today (Oct 7) at around 12.30pm.

According to Lily, the train was delayed for about 15min. 

Lily told Stomp that had been a barrage of announcements on the train, and she was unable to make sense of it.

Stomper contacted SBS Transit regarding the reason for the delay.

Mr Tammy Tan, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, SBS Transit said in response to Stomp’s query:

“Service on the North East Line was slightly delayed earlier this afternoon due to a train fault at Sengkang Station. 

“Regular service resumed about 10 minutes later when the defective train was taken off the Line. 

“We apologise to affected commuters for the inconvenience caused.”

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