Trail runners create GPS drawing of lion's head, cyclist rides for over 112 hours for National Day

Submitted by Stomper X-Trailblazers, Shahadat

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Yes, it seems everyone is doing it now.

On Monday (Aug 7), Stomp reported that members of the Happy Feet Running Club and Santai Runners ran 58km to celebrate Singapore's 58th birthday.

Members of the X-Trailblazers said: "Hold my beer."

Not only did the trail runners complete 58km, but they did so while creating a GPS drawing of a lion's head on the Strava app.


They started the route on the eve of National Day at 10pm near Lentor MRT station and finished the next day at 7am at Bright Hill MRT station.

It took them more than 8½ hours to complete the trek.

X-Trailblazers was founded by marathoner Jasmine Goh, who represented Singapore in the South-East Asian Games.

If 58km is not gruelling enough, how about 2,400.58km?

That was the distance covered by Stomper Shahadat on a bicycle over more than 112 hours.

"I started on Aug 1 at 2.55am and finished on Aug 10 at 2am," said the Stomper.

"I took a break due to a 'body’s call' but I finished safely. It was really tough due to the continuous hot weather."

He added: "This is dedicated to the people of Singapore on behalf of all cyclists in Singapore on the occasion of the 58th National Day."

Last year, the Stomper cycled 1,057km for the 57th National Day and in 2021, he ran 56km for the 56th National Day.