16 runners complete 20km route to form rabbit on map for CNY, 1 woman runs with hula hoop

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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It is called GPS art.

That is when people use the Global Positioning System to follow a pre-planned route to create a drawing on a GPS map.

For the Year of the Rabbit, 16 runners in Singapore did a "rabbit run" to draw a rabbit using the running app Strava.

Stomper Jason was one of those runners.

"On Jan 29, I joined a team of 16 elite runners to do a ‘rabbit run’ by drafting it via Strava," recounted the Stomper.

The dress code was red, of course.

"We started running from Bedok MRT station at 7.40am. Darren was our leader who led us according to his route to form a rabbit on the Strava map," said the Stomper.

"Some passers-by also cheered our team on and we had one runner running with a hula hoop all the way. Truly amazing!

"We encouraged each other and lifted the spirit of the team by shouting 'well done' and 'almost there'.

"True enough, all 16 of us completed the 20km route at 10.30am and formed a wonderful rabbit, dedicated to all Singaporeans who celebrate Lunar New Year. Stay healthy and stay safe."

Last year, the Stomper was one of four runners who completed 57km overnight to celebrate Singapore's 57th birthday for National Day.