Top female competitive eater devours 30 pork belly buns at Attitude Inn -- but is beaten by this rookie

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How long do you think it would take you to gobble down 30 pork buns?

For most people, they would need the better part of a day but in the competitive eating world, this is an under-10-minute meal.

Food League Singapore, one of Singapore’s renowned food challenge organisers, held their first-ever Taiwanese style pork belly bun eating contest at Attitude Inn on Saturday night (Jan 12).

Stomper Foodie SG alerted Stomp to the event and directed us to the league's Facebook post.

One of the league's top female competitive eaters, Rainbow Kumi from Malaysia, managed to finish her three plates of buns in six minutes and 29 seconds.

However, to everyone's surprise, she was beaten by rookie competitor Joshua Tan who wolfed down his buns in an impressive timing of four minutes and 21 seconds.

He won a cash prize of $800 for his efforts.

The Stomper wonders if Joshua could possibly be the next Zermatt Neo, the food-eating champion and hunk who is remembered for flashing his abs after eating 4kg of chicken rice in one sitting.