Size doesn't matter: Woman gorges down 10 cups of S'pore chilli crab noodles at one go

If you need a visual representation of the term 'looks can be deceiving', this video is certainly a good one.

Japanese YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita has a rather petite frame, but she somehow managed to wolf down 10 cups of Nissin's Singapore chilli crab-flavoured instant noodles in one sitting.

At the beginning of the video, Yuka started introducing the noodles that apparently just went on sale in Japan.

She then mixed the noodles and seasoning together in one humongous bowl.

Average eaters would probably be full just by looking at the noodles, but not Yuka. 

She started tucking into the huge bowl, slowly but steadily emptying its contents into her stomach.

There were brief moments throughout the video where Yuka would stop to talk a bit about what she was consuming. Other than that, she was busy attacking her food like nobody's business.

She eventually finished everything, and by everything, we mean even the soup.

Have a look at her amazing feat in the video below.