Competitive eater Zermatt Neo wolfs down 4kg of briyani in 33 min, says it's "not that filling"

Submitted by Stomper Sean

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Only competitive eater Zermatt Neo can finish 4kg of chicken briyani in 33 minutes -- and go on to say that "it's actually not that filling".

The personal trainer is known for conquering numerous food challenges, such as finishing 13 plates of hokkien mee in 20 minutes and 4kg of chicken rice n half an hour.

He also once had 92 chicken wings in eight minutes during a competitive eating contest -- then said he was only 40 per cent full.

This time, Neo headed to Beer Factory, located at 25 Church Street, where he had 3.5kg of briyani rice with about 600g of curry sauce.

It was a feat that he accomplished in 33 minutes, though he did not finish all the sauce due to his low spice tolerance.

Check out Neo's experience in the video posted by Food League Singapore, which Stomper Sean alerted us to, below.