Customer's mum upset optical shop refuses to disclose her contact lens prescription to them

Submitted by Stomper Sherry

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Update on Feb 1:

Optometrist association backs optical shop's refusal to disclose customer's own prescription to her

Original article:

She paid $192 for two boxes of Acuvue contact lenses from the optical shop in Toa Payoh last year.

Three months later, when the customer asked for the prescription of the lenses, the shop demurred.

Stomper Sherry, who is the customer's mother, said: "I am very upset about the situation, especially since my child is still below the age of 18.

"She went to get the contact lenses herself at the end of October and collected them in November.

"When I asked my daughter what her degree is now, they refused to disclose my child's eye prescription to her or me. They demanded a $25 fee to disclose the prescription."

The Stomper shared a screenshot of the online chat between her daughter and the shop, which shows the shop did not demand $25 for the prescription per se.

The shop told the Stomper's daughter: "Your last order was some time ago. We have to do an eye check for the next purchase. We also do not disclose prescriptions. You may drop by for the eye check if you're going to make a purchase."

When she asked how much the eye check cost, the shop said $25 and added: "It will be waived if you make a purchase with us."

The Stomper said: "It's like if you went to a specialist and your doctor refuses to tell you and your family the exact condition you have, isn't it?

"Moreover, it is not like the eye check done was a long time ago. It was done very recently."

What did she want her daughter's prescription for?

"I wanted to get her lenses directly through the Acuvue website and also wanted to know if her eyesight is worse now," said the Stomper.

The Stomper added that she is very disappointed with the shop's service, especially since her daughter bought such expensive lenses from the shop.

"I have no choice but to find time to go with my daughter again to another optical shop to check again."

Stomp has contacted the Toa Payoh optical shop for more info.