Shopper disappointed to find sale sticker has same price as tag underneath, but Uniqlo explains why

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Ever bought something "on sale" only to find out it actually was not?

A shopper at Uniqlo peeled back the "sale" sticker on the price tag of a pair of shorts and was disappointed to discover that the orginal price was identical to the "sale" price – $29.90.

"Why on earth do they fool customers every time?" asked Stomper Red Ranger, who shared photos of the sale sticker peeled back on the price tag on June 13.

"This was the n-th time I had seen this thing happen in a Uniqlo shop. At first, I didn't believe it when I saw it on some social media platforms, but now that I have witnessed how true it is, I am so disappointed."

In response to a Stomp query, a Uniqlo spokesman said: "As confirmed by the store, the price for this item, Geared Shorts, has been increased from $29.90 to $39.90.

"Due to the impact of supply chain cost, we needed to adjust the price to commensurate with their value and cost.

"However, currently, code 451083 is under clearance stock due to it being a seasonal item. Thus, the price was reduced again to $29.90 on sale."

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