Grab deliveryman leaves customer's order at void deck -- but food disappears 'within a minute'

Submitted by Stomper Jasmine

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A woman was left hungry and fuming after her lunch went missing, no thanks to a deliveryman who abandoned her order at the void deck and someone who helped themselves to the food.

Stomper Jasmine said she made an order of around $17 on GrabFood last Friday (Feb 3), at around 12.30pm.

The order was meant to be delivered to Senja Close.

At 1.35pm, Jasmine received messages from her GrabFood deliveryman, who had apparently left her food at the void deck as he did not know which unit to go to.

A photo that the delivery rider sent to Jasmine shows two plastic bags of food placed on the letterbox.

Jasmine said: "I really don't understand why the delivery rider couldn't have called us to check and verify if he was unable to see the unit number like he claims.

"We have informed and have been updating our unit number on the app, but yet the delivery guy said he could not deliver the order as there was no unit. And then he just left our food on the letterbox at the void deck."

To make things worse, the food had disappeared by the time Jasmine went downstairs to collect it.

She told Stomp: "I went down within a minute but my food was gone. I even went to all the other blocks to search for it and I didn't see my food.

"I immediately sent a message to Grab and demanded a refund as the delivery guy did not contact me and just left my food there."

Jasmine shared screenshots of her conversation with Grab's customer service, in which she was told that delivery personnel will wait five minutes for orders to be claimed. In the event where there are no safe places to leave the food, it will be discarded.

Jasmine added: "Hello, it's $17 worth of food.

"I would also like to seek the resident or whoever took the food. Please lol this is not meant for you and don't touch people's food as the receipt is there.

"Now I have to seek the town council's assistance for CCTV footage as Grab refuses to refund me. Their reply is ridiculous and made me damn pissed off."