Thumbs up to Sengkang residents for responsible use of shared bikes!

Submitted by Stomper Hao

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The abuse, vandalism and abandonment of shared bicycles are a common sight in Singapore these days.

Stomp has received numerous reports about ofo bicycles and oBikes with parts missing, dumped in random places and more.

However, as the saying goes, do not let a few bad eggs spoil the broth.

Stomper Hao was impressed by the discipline and civic-mindedness displayed by residents at Sengkang East after seeing how well they had taken care of their shared bicycles at the void deck.

Besides being parked neatly, they also appeared to be in pristine condition.

Said the Stomper:

"I was visiting a friend's place in Sengkang East, and I noted at the void deck of two blocks that bicycles from all three bike-sharing firms had been parked neatly, not obstructing paths of others.

"This was particularly impressive to myself as despite the many recent cases of bike-sharing firms' bikes being abused, such as ofo bikes being thrown down the HDB block and oBike's bikes being thrown into canals, riders in Sengkang were able to park their bikes neatly.

"I saw that all the bikes looked usable (no broken or spoilt parts) too.

"I also noted that there were bikes from at least two of the three bike-sharing companies (ofo, Mobike and oBike). This gives the community an option to choose whichever companies' bike(s) they prefer to use."