'Thug life' driver reverses against traffic because he missed his turn

Submitted by Stomper XB

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One driver at Jurong West Central 1 decided that it was a good idea to take matters into his or her own hands after missing a turn.

In a video recorded by Stomper XB at around 5pm yesterday (Oct 5), the driver can be seen reversing the car against the flow of traffic for several metres, before entering a carpark.

The car was at the side of the road at the beginning of the video. The driver had stopped the vehicle, possibly after realising that a turn should have been made earlier.

He or she then started reversing the car against traffic, even as other vehicles were travelling on the road.

At around the 25-second mark of the video, the driver stopped the car and a pedestrian crossed the road at its rear.

The driver subsequently continued reversing before eventually turning into a carpark. 

Said the Stomper about what he saw:

"This is not right and it is very dangerous."

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