Parents, never ever allow your children to cross the road like this

There is a Chinese saying which states that crossing the road is akin to entering a tiger's mouth.

What a girl was recorded on camera doing proves that there is some truth to that adage. 

In a video posted on Every Day SG, a motorist can first be seen driving a vehicle in a carpark of a HDB estate.

According to the timestamp of the video, the incident took place on Sep 29 at around 7am.

As the motorist drove past a row of cars, a young girl suddenly dashed out from the side of the road without first looking out for traffic.

Thankfully for her, the driver was a distance away when she committed the reckless act.

If she did so a few seconds later, the consequences might have been much more severe.

Read a caption on the video:

"Hope parents can drill into children to never dash across the road like that. 

"Outcome could have been real bad."