This 'super stylo' guy on train belongs to a hair commercial

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Most people pass time on the train by using their phones, but this "stylo mylo" guy made use of his time by styling his hair.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to a video of a man styling his hair in a train, which went viral on Facebook yesterday (Nov 27).

It is unclear where exactly the incident happened.

The video shared by Facebook page garnered 32, 000 views after it was posted at 9.45pm on Tuesday.

In the video captioned "Seriously dude?", a man is seen combing his hair with a purple comb and repeatedly spraying his hair with a can of hairspray.

Seriously, dude?

Posted by on Tuesday, 27 November 2018

He faces the train's window to see his reflection and stands with his legs apart, squatting slightly.

At one point of the video, he claps his hands and sprays hairspray on them.

He then flips his head up and runs his hands through his hair.

He looks at his reflection as though he is posing and proceeds to comb his hair vigorously.

The video ends there.

Facebook user Joseph Then NK referred to the famous hair product brand Gatsby.

Another Facebook user Andrew Low called the man "stylo mylo" which is a Singaporean slang for stylish.

Facebook user Nur Izzati Zainuddin was curious about the end product.

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