This stack of over 200 durians is really the king of all Christmas trees

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The most common types of Christmas trees seen during this festive period are the man-made polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tree and the nature-birthed fir tree.

But have you seen a Christmas tree made out of the King of Fruits?

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport Ministry of Communications and Information, Dr Janil Puthucheary posted a picture of exactly that on Facebook.

A Stomper alerted us to the Facebook post shared on Christmas Day (Dec 25).

The caption accompanying the post read: "Someone sent this picture to me! Hope everyone had a good Christmas Day with their loved ones."

The picture he posted shows durians stacked on top of another to mimic the shape of a traditional Christmas tree.

It even has colourful lights wound around it and a star placed on top to complete its look.

The stacked durians seem to be supported by a circular wooden base, which is circled by another row of durians.

According to The Star, the tree consists of over 200 durians and is about two metres tall.

It was put up for display for churchgoers of the Good News Fellowship Church in Kuching, Sarawak.

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