This lorry driver is having a REALLY tough time parking

Submitted by Stomper Edros

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A driver was caught on video having trouble fitting his lorry into a parking lot despite multiple attempts.

Stomper Edros had shared with Stomp a circulated video of the incident, although it is unclear when and where it took place. 

In the video that was sent to Edros by a friend via WhatsApp, the lorry is first seen taking up about half of the lot.

Upon opening the door and realising this, the driver shut the door and tried his hand at parking it again.

The driver tried different ways to get his lorry straight into the lot -- reversing slower and driving further away from the lot -- but to no avail.

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When the driver managed to get almost the entire lorry into the lot, he alighted to check.

It is unclear whether the driver continued his attempts at parking or if he just left it like that.