Lorry driver stuck after making illegal u-turn near zebra crossing, struggles to right himself

Submitted by Stomper SY

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A lorry driver made an illegal u-turn near a zebra crossing along Kim Tian Road on Monday afternoon (July 2), only to end up stuck.

Stomper SY was a pedestrian passing by the area at around 5pm yesterday when he witnessed the driver's actions.

SY told Stomp: "The driver was struggling and trying to reverse for five to ten minutes. He turned and turned and turned.

"There were several workers trying to guide him.

"Pedestrians had to avoid him.

"There were also other cars that had to stop and were honking at him.

"It felt like the lorry driver didn't care about pedestrians at all by making this u-turn.

"It's very ridiculous and weird la, I've never seen anything like this before."

According to SY, the driver did not exit his vehicle the entire time and eventually righted himself before leaving.