This kind cabby deserves an award: He offers Stomper free ride and even has wise words for her

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Stomper Faith would like to commend a kind and helpful taxi driver who did so much more than just giving her family a ride.

What stuck out to Faith most were the wise words that the cabby had imparted to her.

Earlier, Faith had also complimented another elderly Comfort driver for the assistance that he provided her mother.

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The Stomper recounted her latest experience via WhatsApp:

"Kudos to another helpful taxi driver, Mr Chew.

"He helped my mum by carrying her belongings and her, from her wheelchair to the taxi and vice versa.

"He also implanted some wise words to my brother who is 17. Mr Chew said that we should appreciate and help our parents who have brought us up from little babies. He said that we should help each other regardless of race or religion.

"He even offered us a free ride in exchange because I gave him a box of fries that I had bought from my church hotel restaurant as I had 3. But I told him that he is also making a living, so I paid $5.

"Mr Chew deserves an award from CitiCab/Comfort for his kind deeds :)"