'This is the tiniest KFC 3-piece meal ever received'

Submitted by Stomper Irene

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You know about inflation, but have you heard of "shrinkflation"?

That is when instead of raising prices, businesses charge you the same but give you less product.

Is that the case here when Stomper Irene ordered a fried chicken meal from KFC on Sunday night (Sept  11) and got less than she expected?

When she received her Zinger and Chicken Special Buddy Meal from an Ang Mo Kio outlet, she said: "This is the tiniest KFC three-piece meal ever received."

She pointed out that the chicken drumstick had become a "tiny shorty drumlet" and the Zinger burger was missing.

The Stomper had paid $28.45 for the meal.

In response to a Stomp query, KFC said that it has since reached out to the patron as part of its service recovery and the patron will receive a complimentary meal from KFC.

When contacted by Stomp, Irene said her intention was not to get a free meal.

"I just want them next time to be generous with the size. Last time we ate KFC where got so small? The new chicken is at least 25 per cent smaller. Maybe they use kampong chicken," she joked.

She thinks all outlets now offer the new size because when she got her complimentary KFC meal from Thomson Plaza, the chicken pieces were also small.

"Never mind. It’s okay. It’s free," said the Stomper.

"If this is the new size, then a two-piece meal won’t be enough for a normal meal."