This accident in Raffles City Shopping Centre's carpark will leave you at a loss for words

Accidents happen. But there are some crashes that really make us question if humans should be allowed to operate motor vehicles.

A video of one such incident was uploaded on Beh Chia Lor- Singapore Road by Francis Goh.

It shows a driver who was trying to turn, in reverse, into an empty parking lot.

The driver, however, does not notice a car that is heading straight while she was trying to turn into the lot.

The turning car ends up bumping into the car headed straight.

Both drivers step out of their vehicles and argue over the incident.

However, netizens were quick to point out that they were both in the wrong.

Most who commented said that the driver who was turning into the lot was probably only looking on her right side, but failed to check for oncoming traffic on the left.

They also, however, said that the driver who was heading straight should have waited for the other motorist to finish parking before heading forward.