There she goes again: Woman hurls vulgarities at bus commuter who told her to sit properly

Submitted by Stomper Mun

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Remember her?

A woman who made headlines earlier this year for sitting inappropriately on multiple buses has been seen up to her usual antics again.

Just months ago in January, she was filmed sitting on bus service 160 with her feet propped up against the bus window and chiding a commuter who called her out.

It was also revealed that another commuter had called the police against the woman for doing the same thing on bus service 991 in December 2022.

In February this year, a Stomper witnessed the woman challenging a bus driver to call the police when told to put down her feet.

Well, it seems like the woman has not changed her ways at all.

Stomper Mun spotted the woman in her now iconic pose on bus service 61 on Wednesday (June 14), at around 12.30pm.

Mun said: "A passenger told the woman not to do this, but she kept shouting the F-word. The passenger also asked the bus driver to stop her, but the driver didn't seem to care."

In a video taken by Mun, the woman is seen shouting aggressively at the male passenger and asking, "What you want?" and then laughing.

She also appears to have used a vulgarity.

The Stomper added: "She was even wearing two pairs of glasses. So annoying."