Woman called out by commuter for placing feet on bus window had also sat like this on another bus

Submitted by Stomper Joyang

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A woman who was recently seen in an argument with a man for placing her feet against a bus window has been called out again.

The woman first made waves online after TikTok user Joyang posted a video that shows her placing her feet against the window on bus service 160 on Tuesday (Jan 3), at around 11.20am.

In the video, a man is seen chiding the woman for her behaviour.

She later called him 'poor'.

However, the man replied, "Being poor is my business. Being poor is okay, we take the bus but don't sit until like that" while pointing at the woman's feet.

@joyang0422 Unreasonable Auntie tama bang itaas nya ang dalawang paa nya while riding a public bus? sinita sya ni Uncle kasi di naman talaga tama yun tapos sya pa galit na galit #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Joyang0422

The video has been viewed almost 480,000 times on TikTok and more than 653,000 times on Facebook, with many netizens voicing their support for the man.

Joyang has also revealed to Stomp what happened during and after the incident.

She said: "Some passengers laughed during the argument while others didn't seem to care.

"The uncle actually did approach the bus driver. He was saying, 'Bus driver can drive to the police station or not, you see the lady here," but I think the bus captain couldn't just stop the bus in the middle of the road.

"The auntie alighted at the next bus stop after the uncle said he wanted to call the police. I even saw saw her making dirty fingers."

When asked to clarify what she meant by 'dirty fingers', Joyang told Stomp: "She pointed her middle fingers when she was outside the bus.

"I was a bit shocked by the whole incident because this is the very first time I've encountered such a passenger on public transport. I was also a bit scared while taking the video because what if the auntie noticed me and suddenly pulled my hair?

"Thanks to the uncle for having the courage to call out the woman for acting like that on public transport. Hats off to him."

Joyang also pointed out that the woman appears to be a recalcitrant commuter.

After Joyang's video went viral, a Facebook user shared how she had encountered the same woman placing her feet on a handlebar on bus service 991 on December 28 last year.

"I asked the bus driver to stop the bus trip and call police (sic)," said the user.

Bus service 160 is operated by SBS Transit, while bus service 991 is operated by SMRT.