The kampung spirit is still very much alive for these amazing neighbours at Punggol block

Submitted by Stomper Barnabas

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We all can't wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to be over, but if there is one good thing that has come out of it, it's that it has brought some people closer together than ever.

Take Stomper Barnabas and his neighbours at Block 670A Edgefield Plains for instance.

Barnabas said that the kampung spirit is very much alive among four households on the 10th floor, with them lending a helping hand to one another when needed.

They have also been coming together to put up decorations for festive occasions.

Barnabas told Stomp: "We put up Christmas decorations from December 1 to 31. Straight after Christmas on January 1, we started putting up Chinese New Year decorations."

Photos that the Stomper shared show the corridor, ceiling and their front doors adorned with Chinese New Year decorations.

Barnabas moved into his unit in 2019, while his neighbours have been there since 2015.

He added: "I was the last unit to move there.

"I feel great for having such neighbours and really appreciate them. It's rare to have such wonderful neighbours these days.

"We have dinner together, share cooked food and help each other out when in need.

"Our households have bonded even closer during Covid-19, helping one another during this period of time.

"Togetherness is all the more important nowadays, especially with Covid-19."

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