Food deliverywoman awed by Christmas decorations at Tampines HDB: 'Be grateful for such neighbours'

Submitted by Stomper Irna

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Stomper Irna was making a food delivery on a rainy and gloomy Tuesday (Dec 17), but her spirits were lifted by the stunning sight that greeted her at her destination.

Adorning the eighth-floor corridor and lift lobby of a Housing Board block at Tampines Street 72 are gorgeous Christmas decorations to celebrate the festive season.

Irna, who submitted a video and photos of the lovely sight, said: "​​​​​​This is so beautiful!

"I believe that this was not done by one person, but the entire eighth-floor residents living there.

"And I guess they're wonderful neighbours. Decorating a festive season not only in your own comfort home, but also in your neighbourhood. Which many people won't really do because either they're not that close to other neighbours or they just don't feel like doing one.

"Be grateful when you have neighbours like this.

"It is absolutely heartwarming to see everybody get together to put up the decorations and gather to celebrate an occasion.

"Nevertheless, We are ONE people, ONE Singapore. We should always be there for each other, no matter who we are, where we come from, which race are we from and what religion we believe in.

"I hope this inspires everyone else out there. Thank you, Stomp!"

Irna also wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.