Man collaborates with town council to put up gorgeous Christmas decorations for Clementi residents

Submitted by Stomper Wei

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It is that time of the year again where everyone's buzzing about the festivities and in awe of the Christmas lights hung all over Orchard Road.

But a Clementi resident, who wanted to be known as Philip, thought that it would be more meaningful to bring the holiday cheer closer to home.

Philip told Stomp that he collaborated with Jurong-Clementi Town Council to set up a sparkling Christmas tree in front of Block 351 Clementi Avenue 2.

(Video taken by Philip)

"These decorations are part of the #ChristmasinClementi campaign, and I put this tree up by myself," Philip said.

"But the town council helped me to get a few electricians to make sure that the lights are safe and properly set up."

When asked what inspired him to make such a spectacle, he shared that this was done to fulfil a promise that the town council made to him two years ago.

"In 2018, I put up some Christmas decorations on the ledge at the same block. Unfortunately, they were seen as a possible safety hazard so the town council asked me to take it down," Philip shared.

"They told me, however, that since I've been doing such decorations for years, I could continue the yearly tradition in 2019.

"I wanted to put up a tree in 2019 but my father passed away, so I wasn't able to focus on that then.

"This year, the town council asked me whether I'd be interested in sprucing up the place for Christmas. Of course I said yes."

Philip added that the Christmas tree decorations were up on Dec 8 and will be there for the entire month.

Since these decorations are so eye-catching, it is no surprise that people who do not live in Clementi caught sight of it as well.

Stomper Wei said that he was on his way to visit his aunt on Dec 9 when he spotted the gorgeous tree.

"I don't live in Clementi, so it's my first time seeing this. It's beautiful and actually really cool," he shared.

"I heard that it was a resident who set this up. What an extraordinary effort to make people smile in the midst of Covid-19."

(Photo taken by Stomper Wei)

When Philip heard that non-Clementi residents enjoyed the decorations as well, he said: "I love doing this every year and making the people happy. Who knows? Maybe I can work on more elaborate decorations in 2021."