The flower so rare you may live your whole life without ever seeing one

Recently, a rare flower bloomed at the Rumah Perubahan, a social enterprise training centre in Bekasi, West Java in Indonesia.

The  flower, grown from an Amorphophallus Titanium plant, is one of the world’s largest and rarest.

Native to Sumatra, Indonesia and Borneo, Malaysia, the plant only blooms once every few years, and the delicate flower lasts merely 48 hours before withering away.

The rare plant is also known to Indonesians as ‘bunga bangkai’ or corpse flower, because that’s exactly what it smells like. 

Apparently, the stench of rot help to attract carrion insects, which it feeds on. 

A photo of the rare plant was shared by Instagram user and popular preacher Yusuf Mansur, who uploaded a photo of the elusive corpse flower and its owner, Professor Rhenald Kasali, reports Coconuts Jakarta.

Professor Rhenald said that he received a bulb of the plant back in 2007, but he did not know that it was the famed corpse flower.

Said Renaldo:

“If it blooms in the night it really stinks, because it eats insects. 

“But the flower’s sensational beauty beats the smell.”

Feast your eyes on the rare flower.