Spoil market to the max: Man in China gives GF bouquet made with $2,000 worth of bank notes

When it comes to gifts for loved ones, some prefer to go with something expensive, while others opt for items that are more unique.

Well, one dude in China decided to combine both.

He absolutely spoilt the market for presents by giving his girlfriend a bouquet made up of 10,000 RMB (S$2,059) worth of bank notes.

According to Shanghaiist, he reportedly walked into a florist and handed over the notes to a staffer, instructing him or her to prepare his special order.

The staffer was obviously befuddled, but acceded to the request.

It is not known how the man's girlfriend reacted to the gift. 

Netizens have aired their thoughts about his unusual choice of present after photos of the bouquet starting circulating online.

Said a netizen:

"This is a much more practical gift than a bouquet of flowers. In a few days, those flowers would wither and die."

Quipped another:

"This way you have to unwrap the bills one by one. It's too much effort. It would have been better to just give her the money, and then one flower."