Thank you, young gentleman who offered woman his seat after she almost fell on the train

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Stomper Maricar is touched by how a young boy offered her his seat on the train after she nearly fell mid-journey.

Calling his kind gesture "too heartwarming not to mention", she lauded the boy for having good values and making the world a better place.

Maricar told Stomp in a Facebook message:

"This is too heartwarming not to mention. We have a real Western gentleman sitting down here.

"I almost fell while moving towards the centre of the train when it moved. Moments later, he stood up and offered his seat to me.

"It was not just the fact that he stood up and offered his seat to me but that he stood up and offered his seat to me, a Muslim lady wearing a tudung (headscarf or hijab).

"I was so pleasantly surprised by his gesture. I thanked him and told him that I was fine and asked him to stay seated.

"His mother and sister who were standing nearby, heard our conversation and turned to look at us. They gave both of us a smile.

"I did not waste the opportunity to show my appreciation by way of compliments.

"I am so touched that with the islamophobia that is being propogated by the media, this young man has been very well brought up with good values.

"I don't know if he is the son of a Singaporean or a PR or an expat but the family speaks in a language that was foreign to me.

"I am glad that love and care for others without looking at your colour, race or religion still exist amongst humanity despite the fact that I have seen racist and islamophobic comments on Facebook by fellow Singaporeans.

"Whatever your name is young man and whether or not you are a foreigner, thank you for being a kind and caring soul and most of all for being such a gentleman.

"You melt my heart and make the world a better place for me, a Muslim, today.

"May Allah swt bless you with every happiness and success in your life. Aameen..."