Thank you to the Good Samaritan who personally came to my home to return my son's lost wallet

Submitted by Stomper Cezanne

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Stomper Cezanne wants to express his gratitude to the Good Samaritan who personally returned his son's lost wallet.

Cezanne told Stomp that his son had lost his wallet while cycling from their home at Jurong West Street 65 to a friend's home at Street 71 on Monday (Mar 12).

"He called me after he realised his wallet was missing," said the Stomper.

"It was raining hard so I helped my son look for the wallet but we could not find it."

He was pleasantly surprised when a man knocked on his door last night (Mar 13) holding his son's wallet.

"I thanked him but I did not manage to get his name," said Cezanne.

"I'm very much grateful and thankful to him for taking the time to go to my place when he could have just returned it to a police post.

"I hope he reads this as a small thanks from me and my family."