Thank you, kind lady in black who gave up your seat to my elderly mother

Submitted by Stomper Sarine

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Stomper Sarine wants to thank a kind lady in black who offered up her seat to Sarine’s mother during a train ride from Queenstown MRT Station to Clementi Station yesterday (Sept 8) at around 4pm.

The three of them - Sarine, her mother, and daughter - boarded the train but it was packed, with all the seats occupied.

After a while, she noticed the lady in black waving at them, signalling for them to go over so she could give up the seat to Sarine’s mother. 

Grateful at her gesture, Sarine quickly thanked her. 

Sarine added:

“Everyone has parents and my mother is already in her seventies.

“Sometimes the train will jerk and old folks won't be able to balance themselves.

"Some young able-bodied people chose to pretend to sleep or ignore my mother.

“I’m quite grateful to the lady who gave up her seat.

“Thank you.”