Man brings cancer patient who blacked out at wheel to clinic, earns MP Tin Pei Ling's praise

A man who went out of his way to help an elderly stranger suffering from Stage 4 cancer, who had blacked out while driving to see the doctor. 

Minister of Parliament Tin Pei Ling described on her Facebook how Alvin, whom she said is an engineer, entrepreneur, fitness instructor and a father of a young girl, was on his way to work when a car bumped into his.

The car that had knocked into him was driven by a 65-year-old man who had momentarily blacked out at the wheel.

The man got out of the car to apologise to Alvin who subsequently found out that the uncle was a cancer patient and was on his way to see a doctor as he was feeling unwell.

Alvin offered to bring the older man to the clinic so that he could receive his treatment quickly.

He stayed and gave the uncle moral support while helping to navigate him through the process.

The MP wrote:

"Alvin went the extra mile to help a stranger. He could have just left the uncle after the accident (not Alvin's fault after all) or after dropping him off at the clinic. But he didn't. He made sure uncle was looked after all the way until he got home.

"Alvin's good deed warmed my heart and I hope it will warm many others too. And I'm sure he warmed the heart of the uncle who must have felt very bad and very down. 

"They met as strangers but parted as friends.

"Kudos to Alvin and best wishes to both Alvin and the uncle! "