Thank you, cabby who got me home at Tampines from Gleneagles Hospital in the fastest time possible!

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Chang would like to compliment a Trans-Cab driver whose service impressed him greatly on Dec 1.

He appreciates how the cabby got him as well as his family safely and in the shortest time possible.

Chang wrote in a heartfelt email to Stomp:

"I must say I had had a great trip with this driver, Mr Muraletaran! He might be a man of few words, but he was sincere about getting my family and I home safely via the shortest possible route.

"It was already the peak hour period. He recommended, and we trusted his experience, to go from Gleneagles Hospital to my Tampines flat via Adam Road, Lornie Road and KPE.

"I reached home in the fastest time possible without encountering any jam! Kudos to his recommendation.

"Mr Muraletaran also humoured us by saying to us, "mei you" which means "don't have" when I was suggesting going via. Tanglin Road!

"He also directed us how to adjust the aircon for our comfort.

"Keep up the great service Mr M! :) "