Teen seen prying open vending machine says he was trying to help auntie retrieve coins

Submitted by Stomper k

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One of the teenagers involved with the tinkering of a vending machine at Block 126A Edgefield Plains on Monday afternoon (Oct 9) has come forth with his side of the story.

Stomper K said that contrary to the allegations, his friend, caught on video attempting to pry open the machine, was actually trying to help an auntie push down coins that were stuck in the mechanism. 

He had done so with a pair of scissors borrowed from the person recording the video. 

Said K: "I was the one who pressed the refund button and some coins dropped out.

"The aunty has come out as a witness to say that we were not trying to steal money but to help her out. 

"I would also like to state that the person taking the video has an ongoing conflict with the person pushing down the coins."

The boy and his parents also insisted that he did not hurl vulgarities. 

A woman, identifying herself as Ms Teo told Stomp in a phone interview that she was the auntie whom the teenagers helped.

According to Ms Teo, she had bought a drink from the machine, but her $1 coin was stuck in the machine.

Said Ms Teo:

"The teenagers saw me and asked me if I needed help.

"They then got a pair of scissors from one of their friends and took the money back for me.

"When I heard the allegations, I was shocked.

"These teenagers are a group of nice boys and always greet me when they see me at the void deck.

"The vending machine has been faulty two months before the incident.

"They also didn't kick the machine like what the other man said."