Teens try taking coins from Punggol vending machine with screwdriver, hurl vulgarities after getting discovered


The teenager caught on video attempting to pry open the machine said that he was actually helping an auntie push down coins that were stuck in the mechanism. 

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Original article:

A group of teenagers attempted to pry open a vending machine with a screwdriver and hurled vulgarities at a passerby who caught them.

The incident happened at Block 126A Edgefield Plains on Monday afternoon (Oct 9). 

A resident, Mr Zhang, 32, told Shin Min Daily News:

“My student who was passing by took a video of the incident.

“He saw five or six teenagers.

“Some of them rode bicycles while others were on skateboards. 

“Two of them were using a screwdriver to pry open a vending machine at the void deck in order to get the coins inside. 

“They seemed young and could have been secondary school students. 

“When they discovered my student was taking a video of them, they started hurling vulgarities. 

“My student quickly left but returned later to the scene.

“The teenagers did not leave but became even more daring.

“They even kicked the machine, until there were cracks on the plastic display.”

Mr Zhang added that the teenagers’ actions showed a lack of respect for public property, and hopes to expose them for their misdeeds. 

He also advised parents to educate their children and teach them the correct values.